Parisa Dale

Parisa is an award-winning Iranian-Canadian multidisciplinary designer inspired by all things vintage + colourful. She works with brands across print, packaging and brand to create fun yet functional solutions. More info


Woman! Life! Freedom! 
Children’s Book

CATEGORYBook Design CLIENTRoya Zahra, PhD.CREDITSWords: Roya Zahra
Illustrations: Parisa Pourhosseyni

Woman! Life! Freedom! Is a children’s guide to the Free Iran movement, written by Dr. Roya Zahra. It features vibrant, hand-painted, original illustrations and explores all the aspects of the concept of freedom. Designed for children 4-12 years old, the book frames the Iranian government’s control of its people and resources in terms of bullying and theft, and visually reflects a global movement for a Free Iran and solidarity across class, ethnic, and tribal backgrounds, centering women’s and LGBTQ rights.

This project was done pro bono and is a collaboration between three women of the Iranian diaspora, across three countries. For every 10 books sold, one is donated to a library, community center or school.