Vlog Culture

Vlog Culture


Research & Explorative Design


September 2018 —


InDesign, Illustrator


As a personal interest research project, I looked at vlog culture on YouTube and its implications on children, young teens and our society.

The following two statistics drove my entire project.

  1. Successful Youtube vloggers can make ~ $20,000 US per day.

  2. The main audience of these vloggers are 7—16 year olds.


These truths justify a variety of destructive behaviour patterns in both the vloggers and their audience. My goal was to depict vlogging from a different perspective to provoke the public to think more critically about the entertainment being widely consumed and rewarded.

I decided to create a book series—using actual vlog content, but removing it from its context and presenting it in a new medium. Once the context is removed, we are confronted with the raw content, which is often outright ludicrous.