Texas Sandfest



Communication Design II


Branding, Art Direction, Information Design, Advertising


September  — December 2017


Photoshop, InDesign

Final promotional poster design

Final promotional poster design


The task for this project was to take an existing festival and rebrand it. The Texas Sandfest in Port Aransas is North America's biggest sand-sculpting festival, currently entering it's 21st year. Since it's beginning, the festival has been entirely volunteer-run. All money raised throughout the festival is put towards scholarships and bursaries for local students. For this reason, the festival does not allocate much budget towards design. 



The challenge with this specific festival was coming up with an identity system that communicated the extent of this festival. The Texas Sandfest is not just a sand sculpting tournament — it is a beach festival with live music, hundreds of food and drink vendors and games and activities for all ages. My main goal was to communicate this through the visual identity to attract a larger audience. 



My final solution was based on the concept of using a set of icons that represent the many different aspects of the festival. To keep true to the sculpting nature of this festival, I sculpted each of the icons out of plasticine. These icons gave me a strong foundation for very dynamic branding. 

The festival's current landing page

The festival's current landing page

My revised home page using festival's branding

My revised home page using festival's branding

poster mockup1.jpg
poster mockup 2.jpg



My process began with research; both factual and visual. Upon learning about the festival, I knew that the approach needed to be fun, colourful, and somehow communicate the various aspects of the festival that are not directly implied. I attempted a variety of approaches before deciding to create my own icons, then played with various layouts and uses of these icons before finding an arrangement that worked.