Parisa Dale

Parisa is an award-winning Iranian-Canadian multidisciplinary designer inspired by all things vintage + colourful. She works with brands across print, packaging and brand to create fun yet functional solutions. More info


Super Smalls 
Print + Packaging

CATEGORYPackage Design, Illustration, Printed Collateral  CLIENTSuper SmallsCREDITSCreative Direction: Maira Almeida
Photography: Dylan Nelson

The packaging for Super Smalls’ ready-to-gift jewelry and crafting sets is inspired by the luxurious unboxing experience of high end designer goods. I extended the original packaging system to include new products and product categories. I also developed a visual language and system for printed booklets which accompany certain products. Some reveal ways to activate the ‘magic’ of the product, while others share fun facts or positive affirmations.

Original packaging design by Maristella González.