Motion Design, Video Production, Post-Production Editing 


November  — December 2017


IMASCO Performing Arts Award, RGD So(cial) Good Award


As a young girl, I was always the tallest and heaviest in my class. I spent several years ashamed of my body, wishing I looked like the girls in TV shows and movies. As I grew older, I became involved in competitive sports. As an athlete, I no longer wanted to be smaller; I just wanted to be stronger.  

My experience as a female athlete has taught me more about confidence, hard work and both physical and mental strength than anything else ever could. I wanted to create a film that would communicate both the highlights and the struggles of what it takes to be a female athlete in what tends to be a male-dominated domain. My goal was to remind female viewers that gender does not define what they can and cannot achieve. For male viewers, my goal was to provoke them to re-evaluate how they perceive female ability and strength.