Parisa Dale

Parisa is an award-winning Iranian-Canadian multidisciplinary designer inspired by all things vintage + colourful. She works with brands across print, packaging and brand to create fun yet functional solutions. More info



CATEGORYBook Design, Creative Writing 
COURSEUndergrad Thesis, York University
CREDITSProfessor: David Cabianca

As my final thesis for undergrad, I considered how the documentation of one’s life can affect its meaning and the medium, its motivation. After examining the two different sides of my family tree, the resulting artefact was a hand-bound, double-sided hardcover photo book with a removable middle booklet.

The left and right photo booklets each document memories from one side of my family. The removable middle booklet contains the story, contextualizing the images from the photo booklets. The architecture of the book allows for the two photo stories to be viewed simultaneously, highlighting the contrast between the two cultures, while paying homage to the Persian nature of right-to-left reading.