b. 1986, HK.


my dad's a businessman, My mom's a storyteller; i'm a designer.

I remember, as a child, noticing the Smarties logo had changed. I was so curious and fascinated by this. Yet, when I mentioned this big news to my parents and friends, none of them seemed to share my fascination.

At 9, I used cut-up paint chips to make business cards for my mom's storytelling services.

At 12, my obsession for scrapbooking and organizing the "perfect layout" had become borderline unhealthy.

Growing up, my creativity and fascination with visual patterns and trends was mistaken to be the qualities of a visual artist.  A dozen years of art classes confirmed to me that art was not my passion.

When I was almost 20, I discovered the world of design. Finally, all these little pieces fell into place: my creativity, keen eye for visual patterns, business knowledge, my understanding of the power of a well-told story…

I am a designer; and I have been my whole life.